Monday, February 27, 2012

Barbara Pierce Bush, President GW Bush's daughter, speaks tonight @GVSU, the Frederick Meijer lecture.


There are an ambitious number of seats in rows, and videotaping equipment. An army of volunteer young women are guiding arrivals to the second floor conference hall and placing evaluation forms upon the padded cushion and metal framed chairs seen in all conference halls. Many students are cramming furiously for examinations, and energy drinks are selling well at a cafe located in the original library tower. Many students will be sticking close to their usual desks, pounding the books. I think the library is a building from the 1960s, when this school took life. That library has its much more ambitious replacement rising on the west side of the Louis Armstrong Performing Arts Center, to be named after the Pew family.

Should I infer that the most recent Republican President's daughter has arrived to be of assistance in turning out the faithful for the primary? I wonder when, as I say that, the Bush family will endorse a primary candidate. Of course, when some people say brokered convention, they also say Jeb Bush. Doing research, I learned that Ms. Bush raised the funding for her global health initiative from Google, a decidedly non-partisan source.

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