Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mile 17865: The Yoga Plus in Caledonia Michigan has a lighted open sign.


Caledonia has a number of grain elevators and seems to make the lower eastern corner of Grand Rapids proper. The life today in thriving Caledonia hums on the M-37 cooridor. The downtown is mostly closed up. The Yoga Plus has cars in from it, probably just cars for people living in the upstairs apartments.

On Michigan 50 westbound, the road doglegs up to Clarksville and the veers west again. At the lower corner, the doors of a blue Impala were flung open. Two young women with arms flung up were chasing a young pupply all over the road, and not making progress. I drove by carefully and regarded their pursuit in my rear view mirror, noticing more cars showing up on the scene. About a quarter mile up the road, I saw the dog finally stop. One girl nabbed the puppy. I remembered an exceedingly beautiful woman from the Planet of the Apes, original version. She was hanging with the hero and she was simply glowing. Her beauty had made an impression my pre-adolescent mind. A few weeks ago, I learned about her career as a famous teacher of dance and screen star. She had been struck and killed rescuing a opossum, dead on the roadway, killed instantly.

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