Monday, May 14, 2012

Cami Reister, @Creister, profiles the Reverend Jermone Glenn of The Revolution Church, making the New Yorker style profile look easy.

I'll be reading Reister's profile of the Reverend Jermone Glenn several times in the next few days. I want to know how to write that article. She's made a profile speak with the voice of a play and with the sincerity of a testimonial. It seems effortless, but I am wondering if the profile took hours.
I have yet to meet Cami Reister around Grand Rapids, but I feel I know a few plot points in her story. She returned to the life of a freelance journalist when the Grand Rapid Press changed its formula. And I believe she was scooped up by Amway, who loves to hire top talent. I have gathered this information, and it will be kind if Ms. Reister clarifies. It pleased me to see her writing for the pages of StellaFly, one of the most relevant online magazines in Grand Rapids today. I also see her contributing to the Rapidian, a good place to file hyperlocal stories, stories that one loves.
It is just me, or has our Twitter class of 2008 - 2012 graduated to great prospects in the Facebook Social Graph age?
I am reminded of the good writing being achieved by employees of Mlive who have sought greener pastures as their own brands. Local Spins with John Sinkevics is a second example, writing articles of a depth and grain the local press wouldn't dare to publish. I am looking for more of a brand called Cami.
John Sinkevics is spinning the biggest musical story this week, Jonathan Edwards at Seven Steps Up. Glad to see the Hanks family earning good ink from a music writer who has decades of experience on the West Michigan music beat.

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