Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I am not sure how I feel about one more McDonald's in Muskegon MI.


I used to have lunch out at a wide variety of Muskegon lunch spots. I can easily count the number of ones that have closed since I arrived in town: El Camino, Bonfire Pub and Grill, CJ's on the Beach, Good Grains, Some Place Else, some small joint at Hackley near the Catholic School and the list goes on and on. I am glad we have stalwarts such as the Station or Pints and Quarts or the Hearthstone. I understand a Popeye's Chicken is going to open across the street from the new McDonald's near Meijers. I love the Tim Hortons but tomatoes and onions seem to be the only vegetables. At the corner of Apple and US-31, Ponderosa and the Oriental smorgasboard served fresh fruits and vegetables, both closed. Now, Pizza Hut offers a salad bar on that corner, and I am loathe to call it a food desert. At least the Plumb's keeps its doors open.

Even I go to McDonald's now. I had a large fry and a McDouble. I need no more protein, salt or starch today. At least Mangos fills its parking lot most night, serving fish and salads. Health Hutt has a good established base on Henry. I worry about my dietary health in Muskegon. Who will be the next good food business to succumb?

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