Monday, May 28, 2012

June 2, 2012, the Veterans of Foreign Wars have a rummage sale at their post, 5209 Grand Haven Road, Norton Shores, MI.


If Easter marks the high point of the Christian year, Memorial Day could be described as the highest day of the VFW calendar. After the three day weekend, it's up to post leadership to keep the lights on and the doors open. It's not an easy task. Membership fees are yearly and are generally low. The mortgage gets paid by drink tabs, again low, special dinner tickets, low in price, and facility rentals, modest. Not all of these lodges get an easy pass from year to year. One military lodge, if my Muskegon history serves me correctly, moved out of the building that's now Hagar's Hideaway and found a new home on Summit after a hiatus of all too many years. So I admire the efforts of the Norton Shore's VFW to return to business of staying established right away, holding this rummage sale right after Memorial Day weekend. These lodges have been left with a mission that no government agency funded. Keep these lodges open as bases for the eternal work of commemoration. It's been more than six decades since cessation of aggression in World War II. The Greatest Generation has kept the mission with great honor for more than sixty years. I'll have to drop by that rummage sale and pay my respects.

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