Monday, May 7, 2012

Moncu details the struggle to remove woman from her crashed vehicle, Sunday, May 6th, 2012, Henry and Wealthy, near @Winche​sterGR & @ElkBrewin​g


Thank you, Moncu, for your testimonial, adding to Sunday's story. I had no idea how difficult was the struggle. The woman in the work / gardening gloves is probably the woman I had talked with moments before the accident. She is part of the two or three couple team who was cleaning up the corner property for the Elks Brewing company. I am reposting your story below:
I will say that this is all correct. In addition, as one of the men helping to remove the driver. The drive door, as well as the back seat driveside door, was wedged shut from the accident. We were able to loosen the back door but not the front door. I pulled down the window slightly, as a man grabbed the top of the driver window and pulled outward toward himself allowing the window to shatter on the outside and your friend (the nurse) look at the women closer. we then attempted to force the door open but had no luck. A women, wearing work/ gardening gloves, and myself (male), jumped in the backseat and tried to find a way to get the seat to recline so that we could maneuver the women out of the car. The chair was not reclining, so I made room for another man to jump inside and help pick the women up and move her into the backseat and out of the car. I ran around to the other side door, cleared the space and selected two other males to help assist in picking her out of the backseat (those are the two who walked her to the mats). Hope this helps to detail the aspects of the removal of the driver.
The story will be pieced together by conversations and correspondence such as this one. I was talking with three women at the Winchester, and according to the story they heard, the woman had experienced a seizure, and she had clipped several parked cars in front of the Winchester. The Jeep had been sturdy enough to stop the car and cease the progress of its wheels. I left the area of the Winchester around 4:40 PM and the jeep was still there. The Jeep had no signs of damage.
The Elk Brewing Company, already an asset to the community:


moncu said...

Funny, I had been at the Winchester for lunch with my family. We were on the patio when we heard the crash, and my cousin and I went to see what had happened. We were responding because of the continuous horn after the accident. That tends to be a sign of something more serious then a typical collision.

Wilbo said...

Moncu, I am glad you responded bravely to the collision and conversed with all of us about it. I saw nothing in the newspaper, Mlive. So much flies under the radar. Even when I called 911 I sensed a reluctance to respond. I made sure to point out the leaking fluids, smoke and the slumped posture of the driver. Our journalism and our social networking doesn't drill down fine enough.