Thursday, May 31, 2012

Success! By bus and bike, I arrive at work in Muskegon, ready to work, my carbon footprint low.


I am now a member of a group of three men who bike to work. However, as the head of purchasing pointed out in the parking lot, my rear tire is going flat. The MATS bus stop at Sixth and Sherman has sidewalks littered with glass. This is on the other side of Sixth from the Tatra Hall and close to MATS Headquarters. I didn't see all the shattered bottles from liquor pints until I was in the midst of the mess. That's a junior mistake for a seasoned urbanologist. I've taught in Detroit and I've cleaned parking lots in inner city Detroit, but I haven't seen a sidewalk quite that well littered with glass shards old and new. I should have taken a picture just to have documented. If I can fix the rear flat, I'll be deboarding the Sixth Street bus by the Tatra Hall Friday.

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