Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why Art Walk and Art Talk all the time? Head to Art of the Table to taste Wine or taste Beer in Grand Rapids, @PureMichigan


This email bulletin crossed my email box, and it sounded so good, I
thought I would share it with my readers. That beer tasting sounds
mighty good.

The Perfect Beginning to Summer by Art of the Table
May 23, 2012

Checkered blankets, a delicious bottle of wine and colorful bags
packed with scrumptious goodies...picnic season has arrived! Whether
your plans this holiday weekend include the beach, the market, the
cottage, park or your own backyard, don't miss out on the best of
summer essentials!sun

This combined edition gives you a little foray into

wine (there's even an in store tasting tonight!)
delicious foods
table accessories

...and something to carry them all in!

First...find your perfect picnic/wine/beer carrying bag and holders!

Reisenthel Carry Bag
A favorite here since 2005, Reisenthel bags are perfect for any
occasion. A large, sturdy frame makes travel easy, and unique colorful
patterns make you the envy of the park, office & market, Reisenthel
bags are one of a kind. Ours are also $39 everyday, for that we are

Gerti Bags
These 100% certified organic cotton canvas bags (made in the USA!) are
perfect for a picnic on the lawn or beach! Gerti bags are designed for
upright stability to keep all your groceries upright & picnic goodies
clean and off the ground. Beautiful water-based ink patterns make
these bags just as cute as they are practical.

Bamboo Wine Table
Wine and picnics go together like peanut butter and just
makes sense, right? Invest in our bamboo wine table and take away the
worry of spilling your favorite summer drink. Holding up to two wine
glasses with room for your other favorite snack, this eco-friendly
table folds up easily and is perfect for light travel!

Steady Sticks

Steady as you go! These brilliantly designed stakes hold your wine
bottle or wine glasses off the ground and away from dangerous spills.
Steady sticks come in two sizes,
one for your bottles and one for your glasses.

Wine Glasses
Our polycarbonate glasses are worry free and unbreakable. They're
wonderfully designed to look and feel like your finest drinkware, yet
capable of being tossed into the picnic basket and taken to the beach.

We also have a plethora of other picnic wares from baskets to
insulated bags & bamboo one time use plates & reusable ones too!

To kick off the weekend right, we start tonight with wine tasting!
We've got a Spanish wine tasting
in the store FREE from 5-7pm

We'll be tasting Deusa Nai Albarino, Las Valles Viura-Chardonnay & La
Vendemia, a Grenache/Tempranillo blend.

We love them all equally for weekend sipping!

Then there's tomorrow with a Stone Brewery beer tasting! in the store
FREE from 5-7pm

Are you on our Beer Talk email list? if so, you'll be getting more
info tomorrow morning on Stone Brewery
and other new summer brews!

If you're not on it, isn't it time?? Sign up on our website & at the
bottom under subscribe
check Beer Talk! Sublimely self-righteous. Thank you for shopping at
Art of the Table.

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