Tuesday, June 19, 2012

@LisaRoseStarner, it's a great year for bees in New York City. Or at least, it is for beekeepers looking to acquire swarms for hives. #NYTimes

Dear Lisa,
So often, when a person talks to me, you are the first person I think of when the conversation turns to all things wild. I have a friend who is very rooted in making her own kombucha, and she was delighted to learn about the medicinal properties of elder berry. I am hoping she connected with you. I dropped @Eva Deva on one of your Facebook pictures of a flowering elder berry. I hope that worked to make the connection happen.
I had that experience when talking with the urban gardeners in Creston, and they were looking for advice on homestead gardens in the city. So I referred them to you. I hope the Creston gardeners found you. It's not as if I had a business card to hand out to them.
The other day, Dianna Stampfler called out for restaurants who sourced their vegetables and herbs from their own gardens, such as the Winchester and the new restaurant of Trillium Haven. Again, it's a third time I thought of LRS.
So when I was reading this New York Times article on Urban Apiaries and the unofficial New York City officer who handles bee swarms, I started writing this blog post, for your consideration.
It's as if I have become an unofficial clipping service for the Urban Ranch, the Burdock and the Rose and Wandering Lisa Rose.
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