Monday, June 18, 2012

@Maniactive writes a lovely profile of Michele & Mark Sellers, owners of Stellas, Viceroy, HopCat. One missing: Michele Sellers makes extraordinary peanut brittle.


It's nifty to learn that Michele Sellers has Woodward Corridor roots;
one of the last Harmony House locations stood on Woodward, across the
street from Royal Oak. Harmony House purveyed all the records for my
grandparent's hifi stereo from their Hazel Park location. My Edward
and Corrine loved Sing Along with Mitch Miller, although we never had
to sing along with Miller. It was sad to see Harmony House go, but CDs
became impossible to sell in the days of iPods and downloads from the
Apple Music store. Beer will never be downloadable.

A good friend of mine makes wonderful stained glass windows, and
participates in one of the most elite clubs in Grand Rapids, the
Pussycat Beer Guild, an all female league of beer brewing ladies. I
suppose that makes Michele the head Pussycat? Of course, the nature of
a female guild of brewers might preclude patriarchal power structures.
It's nothing a man could ken, alas.

HopCat displays the couple's collection of stained glass from this
fellow Pussycat. While visiting the HopCat to sample a release of
guild brews with my friend, Sellers broke out the brittle, which is
good enough to sell at a premium price. I intuit the family whips up
peanut brittle for gifting their wide circle of friends during the
Christmas season.

Funny. Peanut brittle and stained glass have so much in common when
one thinks about it. Both melt. Both crack. Both can have bubbles.
Hmmm. Something like a vinyl record, too. Flat, melty, crackable.

All in all, it's a great article from the pen of Maniactive.

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