Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Angel Inn of Niagara on the Lake can't forget the War of 1812


In 1813, the Americans invaded Niagara on the Lake and captured Fort George. Somewhere during that invasion, the Americans bayoneted a popular militiaman, a Captain named Colin Swayze, who was hiding in the basement in a barrel. The Americans also had the gall to burn the Angel Inn down to its foundation, and the residents of Upper Canada had the temerity to rebuild the pub on that foundation. And the initiative to start to brew their own beer. That's why the house brands at the Angel Inn  show a bit of bitterness over the skirmish. I have taken a picture of the beer signs, hand painted, hoping we can all meet at the Angel Inn and toast almost 200 hundred years of peace between Canadians and Americans.

Angel Inn's Best Bitter: A BEER WORTH WALKING TWENTY MILES FOR. The real reason I followed this circuitous, difficult and perilous route. Laura Secord. HEROINE OF UPPER CANADA 1790-1840

The Angel Inn Lager. Why else did I stick around after 1812. Captain Swayze.

The Angel Inn's Best Bitter On Tap. "ONE LAST PINT AND I'LL BE WITH YOU". I. Brock 1769-1812

The Angel Inn Lager. A Lager You Could Die For. Captain Swayze

Angel Inn's Best Bitter On Tap. "MY BEST DISCOVERY SINCE NIAGARA FALLS". Father Hennepin 1640 - 1701

Angel Inn RED Shawnee Chief Tecumseh 1775-1813 Died Defending Upper Canada against United States Aggression. The True Reason Why We Fought Alongside the British!

The Angel Inn Lager "For an out of this world experience". Captain Swayze

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