Thursday, July 5, 2012

Boyd's Market of Kingsley @PureMichigan sells local cherries and, better, local honey. Is M-113 the Honey Highway?


In Kingsley, the doors opened and a woman and her man departed the bus and loaded their luggage into the trunk of an idling Pontiac from the early 1990s, a backwoods buggy as signature of this area as the conch cruiser is to Key West. We had dropped off a man at the Cadillac Transit Center, and he settled into the bus shelter the way a man gets comfortable in a hotel room after check out.

On M-113, I began spotting stacks of bee boxes, two tracks through the meadow grass leading toward the portable apiaries. I felt an admiration for the farmers, raising vegetables out of the soil of the Grand Traverse Country and engaging the bees to collect a fraction of the sweetness engendered by that land now sunny with summer. I anticipate, although much of the land is given to cedar, these stewards of the land have maple syrup to sell through Boyd's in the fall.

I need to send a text. I think I just saw my sister and her family get out of their backwoods buggy in the parking lot of the Traverse City House of Prayer.

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