Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dr. Green Thumb Hydroponics and Lucky 13 Vintage Motorcycles share a building on Grand Haven Road, a tribute to Michigan agriculture and power sports worlds.


I get around a bit. I was surprised of the fragrance of a batch of locally grown marijuana I encountered at a party. I didn't partake beyond waving my hand over the bag to waft the fragrance towards my nose. I remember when Dr. Green Thumb had a smaller location in the strip mall building that houses Goobers Bakery and doughnut shop, leaving the location about a year ago. As I reading it, the move shows an upswing in the market for growing tomatoes and various cash crops in a shed or basement. I guess greenhouses are too revealing for the marijuana trade. It's not just privacy. The full and intense sun of summer isn't intense enough to grow good, potent THC weed.

As much as it represents a manifestation of American freedom, the building represents two American subcultures I never fully embraced, reefer and vintage rides.

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