Friday, July 6, 2012

I have scaled the battlements of the fortress of Mackinac Island, and earned invitation to lunch at the Scout Barracks.

Ok, it's the best day of the year when I pay a call upon my daughter, serving on Governor's honor guard for the week of the 4th of July. She has served on the guard this week for four years. She is fifteen now, so fourteen, thirteen, twelve. She began this duty at the age of twelve, going on thirteen. I must remember to eat slowly and politely at lunch. Her mother and her grandmother attended lunch on Wednesday. Last night, the kitchen team of adults, with the scouts' help added forty chicken dinners at last minute for guests from the fortress staff. I hear one of the kitchen leaders is departing the troop after twenty years of summers, her give back to the passage of time. Some of the adult leaders came here with this troop as girls; their daughters have become adult leaders.

The tour guide is bringing his wagon load of guests to the final station stop behind the fortress with these timeless words. It's not, "Don't give up the ship!" It's "I am dependent upon your generosity.

A squad of six has departed to manage admission at historical properties in the fortress and along market street, followed by a squad of eight. The scouts march in a formation two by two, the patrol leader counting cadence. It is the last tour of duty for a new troop relieves them Saturday. Tonight, the scouts shall dress in civies and clean the barracks for exit inspection.

Gerald Ford slept here. History will hear again from summer residents of this barracks.

I need to discretely tuck in my shirt and doff my cap, comb my hair.

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