Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A man is down in Hidden Cove Park, Norton Shores, Michigan. Three ambulance, two police cruisers, a fire truck present.


I was catching a ride home when my driver pointed to flashing lights in the park, visible from Business US-31. He pointed again at the pale body of man, without movement, lying on the ground by the open door of a blue Volkswagon Jetta. Three medics were looking at his body, but not administering aid to him. The fireman, in a blue tee shirt, was talking to a visibly distraught woman, standing by the wide open passenger door. She was looking at the ground, but her ear was turned towards his questions, and she was speaking as she smoothed her long hair.

The fire truck might have arrived first, as it was closest to the car. The two ambulances were close, but on the lake side of the fire truck. The two police cars and three ambulances were arriving as we lost sight of the episode.

I await news that might not make the Mlive news source. These events are often under the radar, and only the listeners of police scanners know about them. I know many men who listen to them at night, at home while working on a project or while driving. As not for

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