Monday, July 30, 2012

The 41th day of summer moves on towards evening, Monday, July 30th, 2012. On the day of the Dragonfly, let's watch nature for what wonders appear, 53 days of summer to go.

I have just started to notice the dragonfly buzzing around the creek. I might be noticing Darning Needles too, but the needles have eyes that do not touch and two pairs of wings of equal size. Just because I read the two differences on Wikipedia doesn't mean I can apply them in the field, identifying Dragonflies and Darning Needles.
I remember taking an exquisite picture of a bottle blue dragonfly at Blandford Nature Center, while visiting the creek running along the bottom of a ravine. I see pictures of Emperor dragonflies that look lke it. The picture must be on my HD Touch, which I can't find. I am glad I have Google Plus loading up pictures in the background. Because of Google Plus, I have finally hit 2 Gigabytes of data usage on my Google Nexus. Now If I could make more telephone calls. I never use up my minutes.
I hear of game played by children in Japan. A small pebble is tied to a long hair, and the long hair is thrown into the air. A dragonfly often mistakes the hair for prey, and doesn't let go when the pebble pulls hair and fly to the ground. I rather want to show that to a child, and I cannot believe it would actually work.
In Sweden, myth tells how a human soul can be weighed with dragonflies. Surely, one thinks of the movie 21 Grams, the weight of the departing soul that is lost when a person passes away.
Photography Credits
Deutsch: Dieses Bild zeigt eine etwa vier Zentimeter lange männliche Gefleckte Heidelibelle (Sympetrum flaveolum) von der Seite. Danke an Wofl für die Bestimmung.
English: This image shows an about 1.6 inch (4 cm) large Yellow-winged Darter (Sympetrum flaveolum) from the side.
Français : Un Sympétrum jaune d'or (Sympetrum flaveolum) de 4 cm d'envergure vu de côté.
Photographer: André Karwath aka Aka
Description Cesky: Šídlo královské v Puerto de la Cruz
Deutsch: Männliche Große Königslibelle (Anax imperator) in Puerto de la Cruz, Teneriffa, Spanien.
English: Male Emperor Dragonfly (Anax imperator) in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain.
Français : Un Anax empereur (Anax imperator) mâle, photographié à Puerto de la Cruz, sur l'île de Tenerife, en Espagne.

Date 25 March 2011(2011-03-25)
Source Own work
Author Quartl

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