Monday, July 9, 2012

Time enough granted to change buses in Boyne Falls, MI and no time granted to purchase food, nonetheless fresh washed @ChooseCherries.


I brought on drink to this bus run but I anticipated a full meal stop within a hour. Even Traverse City, a fifteen minutes stop on the way up, will be a whistle stop. I know why a ticket includes a contract of cartage. Because my body will be carted around as if it were an inanimate object. I am a piece of hungry baggage. I am sure more people would ride buses if the bus allowed more chances to get out to stretch or buy a local fruit or hold a conversation with a new neighbor.

A meal stop five hours into a six hour run cannot satisfy my need for well being. We are driving south along the west arm of the Grand Traverse Bay, and a dip is out of the question. Mankind does not live by a beautiful view alone.

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