Monday, August 6, 2012

On August 6th, 2012, we began the second half of summer, the 48th day of summer, with 46 days stored in a bank that you must empty in less that a month and a half. It is the day of the possum.


Ow, not only is my right knee killing me, my right toe is throbbing
with pain. I guess I am paying for my very active weekend with pain. I
have taken Tylenol and hope I feel better in the morning. This pain
happens only once a month or so, but tonight it is a cross to bear.
What a blessing it is to be pain-free. I seem to connect this pain not
only to too much activity over a weekend, but also to days where I
have had to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Time to talk
to my doctors, medical and chiropractic. Ow! I would sign up for a
knee replacement now if it could be installed overnight.

I am amused the the Australian possum breeds are so much better
looking than Michigan possums. In Australia, the possum has no natural
predators, and the possum has over run the country side as effectively
as the rabbit and the cane toad. The fashion industry of Australia has
tapped possum fur as a luxury fur. No one is going to complain hard
against fur from an invasive species, right, mate?

I have yet to see a live possum this summer, but I am betting that's
because I am not driving at night in a car. Possums turn up at every
turn when one is driving, usually staring with red shining eyes at
approaching headlights. I am pretty sure the Possum has all the
disadvantages of the Raccoon when it comes to detecting oncoming
trouble from passenger cars.

I have notice three possums in the road kill, so I know the possum are
working the roads at night.

Scores of Possum species from all over the world:

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