Friday, September 28, 2012

@MaureenFrancis cultivates heirloom tomatoes. She cultivates Real Estate relationships in Bloomfield Hills @PureMichigan.


That's why she could identify Carolina Horse Nettle, a tomato like plant.
Maureen, for your attention to the little things in life, I would like to drop you a web link. You pay attention to heritage tomatoes and the character of the neighborhoods where you sell houses. And you follow Wandering Wilbo, a member of an audience of wanderers and thoughtful people. It's a small niche audience, but I like to think it is carefully self-selected.
Maureen is a great writer, as is shown by her historical article about the Chelmsleigh neighborhood of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. I hope that Mrs. Francis keeps writing on the town and every page moves a home for her clients and her.
What we care about prospers. Writing about a neighborhood is an act of caring.
Best to you, Maureen Francis!

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