Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On September 18, 2012, our weather took a turn for the colder. On the day of the weasel, be prepared to leap into fall in three day hops. Saturday, September 22 is fall, you all


I have never knowingly seen a weasel, although the weasel lives in
Michigan. The weasel doesn't really walk. It has short legs, so it
hops along its way. The weasel is quite willing to live in the
abandoned underground chambers of the mole or rat. The weasel kills
small mammal, some as large as a rabbit. The furs are kept to line the
nest chamber, along with a bit of straw.

A few weather phenomenom weasel away the traces of summer. I am
expecting the September blow, which lasts for two or three days. The
blow raises high waves on Lake Michigan and everyone drives out to the
lakeshore to see them and post videos on YouTube. The leaves have
started to turn orange, showing the parts of the crown that got the
least sun during the long days. When the rains come, it shortens the
length of light even more, hastening the color turn. The rain also
washes the leaves out of the crown, starting at the peak.

I have a meeting uptown, and that is weaseling away my tiime for writing.

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