Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On September 4, 2012, I saw the cabbage butterfly floating over leaves of milkweeds. On the day of the cabbage butter fly, make your way through the immensity of nature, even if your wings are rather small, each of the 15 days of summer remaining.


The cabbage butterfly is one of the first to appear in the spring.
It's the butterfly that flies right up to the frost. I often see them
fluttering on the mud, feet on the wet dirt. This might be to absorb
minerals from the soil. I also remember a yellow, small butterfly of a
similar wing shape fluttering on the mud of our gravel driveway.

I saw one fluttering over Milkweeds on the shoulder of Grand Haven
Road. I have no idea how this butterfly makes any progress, flies any
distance. It's not much bigger than a quarter. It seems to rise up an
inch and fall an inch for each five inches of progress forward. Unlike
a bee or a wasp, I never worry about being attacked by a flock of
white cabbage butterflies.

Almost every drive through out the summer day in August collects at
least two or three of these white winged butterflies on the

The White Cabbage Butterfly

A displayed male specimen of Pieris rapae

2 September 2011
James Douch

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