Monday, September 10, 2012

On September 8, 2012, I began to wear a coat in the night time air. On the day of the snail, it's okay to make slow progress like escargot, as long as you go. Thirteen days of summer left.


The snail gets a bad rap. It doesn't move fast. Yet, snails can inhabit the water and the land. Some snails have lungs and some snails have gills. And if you are a culinary type, the ease of collecting snails probably makes them show up on the table more often than frog legs. I have often enjoyed escargot in nice restaurants, paying a willing price. On a blog, I am reading about a restaurant in Dallas that offers a single escargot for the tidy price of seventeen dollars. The Eats Blog of the Dallas News has also demographically selected for me a 30-day 30-tablet offer for daily use Cialis. Google adsense often loads up ads for Low-T. I pity the dude who has low T, like me.
I remember staying in a Extended Stay America in Burbank, California for a month, March of 2007. Every morning at dawn, I would spot snails crawling all over the landscaped borders of the parking lot, big snails, suitable for broiling with garlic and butter. The reason I don't gather mushrooms and make soup at home? I am afraid of poisoning myself. This lack of knowledge and the fear that goes with it keeps me from gathering snails. I think I need to go walking in the grapevines this autumn with French tourists. I have heard this romance languge uttered in the pubs and coffeehouses of Grand Haven. By the way, when I saw all that potential gourmet food crawling around in the dew, I was eating at Taco Bell to save money. I must plan on living one perfectly culinary year soon, hunting, snail gathering, farmer's market visiting, garden harvesting. The remainder of summer can be a start.
Photography Credit
English: Picture of a grapevine snail.

Français : Escargot de Bourgogne.
23 May 2005

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