Thursday, October 25, 2012

Work with poet Bernard Dewulf the first @InstaRoman. He writes and gives you the right images. Antwerp is the book city of Flanders. Celebrate Antwerp Book City!


I have been a follower of Sasha Eckes on Facebook, and it's keeping me up to date on Flemish culture. I like the project that this Stadsdichter, Poet, has undertaken. He's writing a photographic record of the Antwerp Book City event, bringing together the work of over 100 literature organizations in that town. We can't participate unless we are flying to Antwerp for the beginning of November. However, we can learn how this "Book City" concept works and copy it. It seems an European movement, with Amsterdam serving as the Book City of Netherlands. Here's two paragraphs I have translated from Dutch:
For the tenth anniversary of Antwerp Book City to celebrate writes Dewulf a city poem in the form of a InstaRoman about Antwerp as a city that loves books. Poet Bernard Dewulf invites you to tailor the daily phrases he twitters atmospheres during the Book Fair shoot with the Instagram app. Dewulf selects the best photographs that are printed in a unique photographic novel.

Conquer your place in this InstaRoman who live in the printed e-pavilion at the Book Fair. If your image impression is selected for publication, you can be from 7 November to get your free copy of the e-book at the Book Fair. Dewulfs find phrases from 31 October to 6 November, 2012

More About Antwerp Book City:
Follow Sasha Eckes, and she'll give you San Francisco, Detroit and Antwerp:

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