Saturday, November 3, 2012

Conundrum faced couple when she was thrown out of her dad's house. How to get to promised shelter w/ no money & baggage, Muskegon, Michigan?


Well, I am out of ten dollars because I bought a sob story. The sob story had consistency between the woman's story and the man's story. Sixteen trash bags of personal belongings can't go on a city bus. She was calling cab companies getting quotes. He was looking for a phone number to call Busy Bee, known for cheapest fare in town. She had written on a folder an address in Lakeside. A friend had promised to buy me dinner Thursday and I had enough money in my wallet to make it to Friday without hitting the ATM. They didn't ask. So I gave him a ten spot and I boarded the Sixth Street bus. I drank a three dollar Budweiser at the Park view Tavern in Muskegon Heights while waiting for the Harvey bus and writing this.

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