Monday, January 21, 2013

Sixth in the snow

The Harvey arrived two or three minutes before the Sixth or the Getty Wood. I am alone with the bus driver. I am rather glad most have the day off for Martin Luther King JR day. As it is a National Day Of Service, I have yet to find a place to put in some work. I am glad the bus ran today because some manufacturers don't grant employees a day off. MATS had posted their up and running status several days ago on the Facebook page. High School students got to stay home. At Mr. Quick, I saw a mother and daughter sitting down to a cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs, and they wore hoodies and Panama bottoms. I have no idea where I am except north of Laketon. The inside of my window reflects my frightful mug. We haven't slid once thanks to our tires, big tires with solid treads. Now approaching, Houston and Third. Sometimes, the Lakeshore Sherman makes turn onto Third at the same time, creating a two bus procession into the terminal. A yellow bulldozer with a yellow flashing light is clearing alley between Hackley Library and the Episcopal Church. We are the first bus at the Herman Ivory MATS terminal downtown, but only by a nose.

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