Thursday, June 13, 2013

A man on work release plants for O'Le Henry Gardens, Roosevelt Park, Michigan

Work dignifies a man. A man was planting annuals in a bed near Station Grill, Roosevelt Park, Michigan. The soil had a fragrant undertone of well composted leaves and else, far from unpleasant. The scent arose from the holes he was opening with a garden trowel. He didn't answer my earlier questions. I had promised not to photograph him although he looked handsome in his pastel O'Le Henry Gardens polo, with a floral theme embroidered on the shirt's upper right chest. He talked after I had taken my photographs of the flowers only. Thanks to his good behaviour, he was permitted to work as a volunteer on community projects. He had served fifteen years already. I thanked him for his good work and went in to lunch awaiting at the Station Grill.

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