Monday, June 10, 2013

The Milwaukee Symphony Pops "The Music of 'Mad Men'" amazed even when heard from the lobby of the Marcus.

I am happy to learn that my eavesdropping in the lobby picked up the extraordinary performances of Hugh Panaro and Janet Dacal. JSOnline carried a positive review written by Elaine Schmidt, present in the auditorium as I wrote and listened in the lobby. My notes from Saturday night are posted following.

How nice for the show to begin as I arrive in the lobby. Just like me, they long to be, close to you. Woman at counter of the Morning Glory Gallery is hyper-focused on her clerical work before her, on her counter. That was a big opening number the audience is applauding. I will have to look up this program. I am loving this simulcast. Was I really compared to Chris O'Donnell? What happened to my picture of the illuminated facade of this Marcus Center? The two are off to Montana, the one a designer of boats who met a woman in Missoula willing to travel place to place with him in a fickle boat building industry. Theater glasses are rented to patrons here. Am I waiting for intermission or have the pops concert patrons already enjoyed this evening ritual, the recess of a cultural program. Luck be a lady tonight. Biking around Milwaukee has turned out to be immensely satisfying. The blond haired lobby attendant, or maybe a guard, is strong and yet rather attractive. Yep, intermission has passed and the woman who operated the gallery has left her space and locked the door. "I Love You" sings our two duet partners. "Then I go and spoil it all by saying something silly like, 'I love you'". More applause. I wonder if there's a monitor in the area where the attendant is sitting. These boots are made for walking, and that is what they'll do." Two small buses have pulled into position to greet patrons who will soon exit the auditorium.

I was happy to note that the Wisconsin Club had sent two buses to collect their members, a classy gesture.

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