Sunday, July 28, 2013

I read a story when I was learning to read of a family that lived in a school bus.

I was walking the farmer's market in Muskegon Saturday, July 27th, when this story returned to mind. It was a simple story of a boy from a city discovering a school bus in field and meeting a family living inside the modified vehicle. I remembered being happy about the simple story.

My happiness returned when I noticed this bus Saturday. I climbed inside it and remembered the steep steps I had to climb every morning from first grade to twelfth grade, every morning for eleven years, except the days mom allowed me to drive a station wag on full of brothers and sisters to the middle school and high school. The business owner had cut spaces in the roof for skylights, using his bus as a mobile greenhouse. The ample rows of side windows made sure that the perennial pIants got enough sun. I had to chat with with the business owner and congratulate him on his cleverness. He had customised the bus with his son.

I have been fantasising about moving to an open plot of land north of Muskegon, and found a plot of land forty acres in total, for about forty thousand dollars. The plot stood north of the White River, south of the Manistee National Forest. Couldn't I roll a school bus onto the property and live inside while making plans to build a more permanent structure. I'm wondering where to put the kitchen and where to put the bedrooms.

Speaking about reconverted school buses, two years ago at ArtPrize, Eric Kravako and friends lived inside a school bus they had reconverted, parked in the lot of the BOB in downtown Muskegon. During ArtPrize, I visited them in their home on wheels and admired how cozy their work had made the interior. As I remember, the interior had plenty of shelving and storage units.

It's nice to fantasise as one contemplates his next step.

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