Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dear Readers Living in Muskegon County: Please Find the Blarney Stone that Certainly Exists in Muskegon County.

Twelve days, and we meet again on the green of Heritage Landing, to frolic and dance to Celtic music! To celebrate and to be sure all are invited to the Michigan Irish Music Festival, I shall write daily on ways to prepare oneself for the music and the fun. Remember, even if you are penniless in September, the gates will be open for a short time on Friday so all our neighbors can be together. All the profits from our fun weekend go directly to benefit the neighbors who need it most.

No shortage of blarney talk exists in Muskegon. We can take a flight starting at Muskegon County Airport to Blarney Castle and kiss the legendary stone itself. However, the plentiful amount of Blarney in Muskegon County cannot be explained by travelers and visitors. We have an unexplainable amount of blarney walking and talking on our streets. Remember Ghostbusters and how hard it was for the team led by Bill Murray to eliminate slime in New York City. Muskegon could use a visit from the Blarneybusters. After the Michigan Irish Music Festival.

I have a theory. Look at Torrent House, the Hackley Public Library, the former Muskegon High School, all built of stones raised into place by honest working people in earlier decades. Look at all of our early churches, stone wonders that will stand forever. Could it be that one of these stones are connected in a mystical fashion to the Blarney Stone in Ireland? You can be sure of it, and yet, which stone? Hence, I reach out to you and ask, "Find the Muskegon Blarney Stone and post a picture of you kissing it". We have abundant amounts of blarney talking in Muskegon, and yet, we could use a few more smooth talkers. Let's find the stone so we can all kiss it and gain benefit. If you are tagged, feel complimented because your blarney reaches me! Find that stone!

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