Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In Muskegon, A Very Young Bicycle Racer Challenges Wilbo in a Bicycle Race.

Three days in a row on my bike is a personal statistic that impresses even me. Today, I set out on the Lakeshore Trail after lunch, looking for a leisurely pedal back to my office. The lake had a nice chop on its surface, air was heavy with moisture and a headwind added an extra effort to my progress. The storm promised for the evening had already taken control of the lake, yet we still enjoyed full sun on the trail. I am guessing that the weather on the Mediterranean coast of Provence feels like this often. I often find the word scirocco or mistral enter my mind when these mid-summer conditions arrive. These are persistent winds that are said to drive men to adventure, even brashness.

At the first reach along Lake Muskegon, a mother was pushing her youngest son on a tricycle equipped with a long handle for pushing and the toddler looked pretty dazed and excited. He was tracking his two twin brothers who had small, low bikes with training wheels. The mother was calling out to the boys, let's call them Romulus and Remus, to slow down and the wind in their ears made mom easy to ignore. 

I caught up to Rom and Rem, and called out as trail etiquette requires, "Passing on your left". Pulling into the left lane, I grinned at Rem as I passed him safely on my left, giving his bike three feet of space. He kept pedaling and smiled back at me, a fascinated look on his face. 

Rom must have the spirit of the young Lance Armstrong in his heart because he hit the pedals hard and began laughing giddily and impressed me with his speed. Seriously, I was pedaling on a Schwinn Admiral and Rom was keeping pace on a bike less than two feet high. I'm never qualifying for the Tour De France, but I cruise around twelve miles an hour. 

We went on side by side for almost a thirty yards as we approached a right turn. For all his aplomb, he ignored his mother's pleas to slow down. At the corner of the unknown, he slowed down to await his first personal trainer, his mother. "See you down the road", I called out as he dropped back . 

I had to wonder if this pre-kindergarten child was watching the Tour De France with his mother, a mom intent on raising champions. 

I squished a few pulpy berries where a mulberry tree shedding purple fruit had stained the blacktop trail.

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Awesome story...Romulus and Remus..