Monday, August 18, 2014

The Cloudman Says, "That Doesn't Whitewash the Chicken" and puts "Last of the Mohicans" on the Turntable.

The Cloudman starts with a pretty phrase from a French philosopher named Jean Paul Sartre, "Existence proceeds existence". The Cloudman breaks it down for me too. "You are here, sure, and you are a Cloudman. Do something about it. Your essence is air". Quoting Sartre is an act of war. Sartre said all kinds of challenges, like, "Don't wait for the last judgement. It is every day". Today, I've been lifted, weighed and found wanting. My Cloudman words have forked no lightning.

I attempted to have essence today. I taught a few techniques to a colleague. I comforted a friend. I planned a weekend. A friend bought me a beer and shared lamb sliders for my after 9 PM snack. A friend came to my assistance at an hour's notice. I can hear my mother's friend from Europe, upset with my error that cost her an extra day of work. "That doesn't whitewash the chicken!" She was a great woman, and I miss her. She was extraordinarily kind to my family and I.

The Cloudman picks up the phrase as an irritating chant, "What part of 'Whitewash the Chicken Don't You Understand'"? Actually, I know exactly what is the chicken and how to use whitewash. It's pretty much the same idea as swallowing that frog. 

If you want to know if the Cloudman has a theme song, he does. It's "Last of the Mohicans".

"You are hardly Daniel Day Lewis", says the Cloudman. "There's one inside who walks like Jesus on the sea," I reply. This at least makes the Cloudman pause in confusion.

This allows me to sleep.

Cloudman is an illustration from the studio of Eleanor Watson, a tattoo artist. This image might find a place on my anterior.

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