Friday, September 26, 2014

Dear Better World Books, @BWBooks, I create new stories by creating positive outcomes for people, including Cindy Thoma of Gracie's Book Store.


Cindy Thoma owns Gracie's Book Store in Muskegon's Lakeside District.  Making a media destination, it is next door to the recently revived Harbor Cinema. She took the charming location over when a franchise of Booked for the Season closed. She has kept it full of great books for a year, all of them sourced from donations. She cleans them up and shelves them in an easy to find way. She has a modest rent on the location. She lives next door. She gives away a great deal of books for the sake of elementary school literacy. She is making the world a better place through books, carrying on the mission of Better World Books without having the financial savvy to be a B-Corp. She loves the book recycling process, and carries on the work of Better World Books without support of the company, without being an agent or employee.
She is loved by the community. Many of our West Michigan authors celebrate readings at her store. I wish to share a short and hardly complete list.
Terry J. Nolan, Reunion by Murder:
Roberta F. King, He Plays a Harp:
Laura Holmes, I Gotta Pack:
I've assisted Cindy in helping her grow her Facebook page and by referring friends and authors to her. Lakeside and Muskegon are a better place with her making a modest living selling books. I hope she keeps making progress in selling books. In so many ways, she's like a volunteer librarian for our used books, keeping the volumes local. She keeps her shop not far from my work as a database administrator and techical writer.
I see the Better World Book collection bins in the parking lot of Meijers in Norton Shores. In one model, Cindy Thoma could service one posted in Lakeside, sell locally what is desired locally and forward to Indiana what is needed globally. Plus, she might be able to special order through BWB for her customers with very specific reading lists. Lakeside is surrounded by the book hungry communities of Glenside and Nims. Lakeside is on the gateway to the beach house colonies south of Muskegon Lake, and enclave named Bluffton, and a remarkable amount of books would be deposited by residents and tourists. We can discuss additional mutually helpful models over telephone, WebEx or site visit.
This is the way I like to create a press story. I like to connect teams and create great outcomes. This story has great possibilities, and thanks for the contribution your company makes

Thank you,
Wandering Wilbo
Writer and Man Who Cares in Lakeside.
More about Cindy Thoma and Gracie's Book Store:

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