Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Driving a car takes plenty of getting used to after two years without a car

May 2014

Hi L,
I bought a Suburu used at an auto auction and had it fixed it up at an area mechanic. It seems to be tooling around Muskegon pretty well, and I zipped up to Fremont for a dinner without too much of a hitch. I am concerned that I am about to gain ten to twenty pounds right off the bat because I'm motoring to work rather than cycling or walking. It's still a bit challenging to get on the old bike, and I imagine it will force me to leave the station wagon on the street in Muskegon, where it becomes an easily opened treasure. I guess it's no more dangerous than leaving my car on the street overnight.
I saw a puddle of oil by the driver's front tire and I wondered how that was possible after changing most of the gaskets in the engine block. I moved the car, and after coming out of a production of Legally Blonde, I saw no additional fresh oil. I guess someone from Saturday night's crowd had a car leaking oil instead.
I even drove out to lunch and to buy a pair of earphones. I have a few pairs of earphones and the sooner I put on a pair of earphones at work, the sooner I can accomplish serious work. The long leads of an earphone pair make them inconvenient to pack, and so I leave them everywhere around my house and rarely at work. With things like socks and underwear and earphones, I just keep buying them until I have enough that refused to get lost. Lunch hour is probably a good time for a walk, and it I have any sense, I'll drive out to Lake Michigan and get a half hour on my hooves and come back to work oxygen drunk. All that wind blowing off Lake Michigan must fill the lungs with twice or three times more oxygen.
It's Pandora that gets me through my day, pumped into my eardrums like morphine, or as Aldous Huxley might say, Soma.
I usually left work ten minutes after five because the Lakeshore Sherman bus would make its last pass outside our office door. Now, I am surely missing it as I have an assembly of steel and rubber that awaits a turn from my key. I might even stay for the 6 PM ringing of the bells in the tower of a Catholic Church across the way. Or maybe not. I have typed my little fingers off today, with a small computer program to show for it.


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