Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I tried to make a call from the Lakeshore! Sherman! but the call dropped


Travis the traveler is sleeping in the arms of his grandmother. An elderly man in a cap with a big block maize M talks with the driver about phone plans and the circus that came to the Walker Arena. The circus had been scaled down, with only motorcycle riders performing daredevil stunts. Last week, three motorcycles performed stunts. The two go through the list of acts scaled down this year.
I would like to catch a piano recital at the community college and buy a sharp pair of trousers before Friday's concert, which I am attending with a friend. The Target is on the Harvey! line. The concert at the college is out on the Apple! #2! line. I can also take the Getty! Wood! out there too. I am not likely to encounter a haberdasher on this route, and Walmart doesn't carry nice chinos. I think I am beginning to push into the 44 inch waist territory. The four beers I drank last night didn't help. I think I will take the Apple! Two! and see if my one friend boards.

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