Sunday, September 7, 2014

Marshall has Long Been at the Crossroads of Michigan; He ends His Day at Dark Horse Brewing Company.

There's over 4000 Clay mugs hanging from the ceiling for the mug club, Dark Horse Brewing Company. The destination on south Kalamazoo near Marshall's classic early 1800's downtown has a reef of cool businesses, including a skateboard shop, a custom bike shop and a burlesque style hair salon. The Biergarten has two covered stages and a garage door opened to the brewery. There's so much to like here, from trellises grown lush with vines of hop to rain barrels on the roof spouts to solar panels shining in the September sun.

How is it possible to hang so many Clay mugs from rafters of a raftskeller? Simple as the mugs are licensed to the member, remaining property of Dark Horse. It's where everyone knows you name and cherishes your Clay stein, forever.

The pubplex has all kinds of enticements for a motorcycling microbrewery fan. Get a free beer ticket if Back Alley Cycles changes your oil. Go play in the biker yard that doubles as Biergarten. Gain access to the spot by I-69 or I-94. Anyone have a feeling that the dark horse celebrated at Marshall's world class brewery has to be a Harley Davidson?

The complex is loaded with quirky items, toys of big boys & girls rewarding themselves for working hard, working smart. See if you can find an aquarium that sits eight friends for beer drinking & dining. A television show is being filmed in the brewery, so every tour is more than educational. It's an audition. Brewery tours are a chunk of changes, yet people emerge from the walk with a full pint, drawn from the brewer's tap inside, apparently.

Water is served on the deck. Waitress will point you to a charming tap so you can pull your own glass of agua fria.

Map says that the Marshall Amtrak station stands near Dark Horse. The station is not serviced by the daily trains. The station is not serviced by the daily trains, yet.

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