Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Art of Mary Ann Southworth Creates an Arcadian World of Summer Where A Stone in The Palm Means Love

The Theater Bar is staffed by painters & sculptors and many kindred spirits. Painter Chris Protas selects the monthly shows that appear on these brick walls. Tonight, I walk in door, shiver off the first cold of winter and behold these panels by Mary Ann Southworth of Grand Haven, paintings that attest to an Arcadia where summer reigns in a steady state. I loved many shows on the wall of the Theater Bar over the past seven years, seven years that commenced with November 2007. This is among my top 10. Southworth somehow knew to email, request my address & send me a show card. I keep it on an easel in my office, a 3 x 5 of the "Stone Pie" donkey, who reminds me of Bottom from a "Midsummer's Night Dream". Little prepared me to see "Stone Pie" with my own eyes. Stop me before I spend my vacation money on that panel

Will Juntunen

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