Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Sip of Coffee at Crema in Nashville Recalls the Writing of Annie Dillard, Chlorophyll & Hemoglobin.

Darren Anderson books great acts at Unruly Brewing and I sense he has a record label, too. So he said, "Go to Crema"! So I needed to check a quintessential Nashville coffee house, and Crema is that. It reminds me of the open mike at the Bluebird last night, plenty of hopefuls, holding meetings, guitars in the SUV in the lot loaded with SUVs. Crema is on a hill, high above downtown and the Cumberland River, a good place to contemplate a song lyric or a career move. 

Chatted with an interesting fellow customer who was reading Annie Dillard's poetry, and that's remarkable because few readers go beyond her classic, "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek". Tinker Creek convinced me to learn to touch type faster and learn to use a word processor, a program on the Apple II- GS, my first word processor. 

Dillard composed Tinker Creek at night on a word processor and I am sure she was empowered to land those beautifully long, poetic, chemically correct sentences thanks to the flexibility of word processing, rewriting on the fly. Correctotape unrequired. Chemically correct sentences talked knowingly of the structure of chlorophyll and hemoglobin. 

I am today a pilgrim on the Cumberland River and the world river called song.

Plenty of word processing taking place today, seven Apple iBooks within sight, all working, a few writers texting in between keyboard typing. 

Wondering when Darren's guidance is going to land me in a Nashville church? Darren is one of those men who believes in a bit of churching and tight worship.

Will Juntunen

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