Tuesday, January 20, 2015

During Summer of 2014, Wilbo Dined on Whistle Punk Wood Fired Pizzas at Muskegon's Farmers Market at Bargain Prices. @PureMichigan

Whistle Punk created lovely gourmet pizzas all summer long at the Muskegon Farmer's Market. Modestly priced, my friends and I pretty much stole them at nine dollars the pie, all types same price. Noticing that the online ordering application, courtesy of Square, sells the scrumptious variety for prices from twelve to fourteen. Instead of crying, "Hey! That's three to five dollars a pizza more", I'm grateful. I saved big bucks all summer as the Mia & Grace chefs raised capital and fine tuned recipes and a business plan. I got a bargain. And loving what those two bring to town, I'm happy to see pizzas arriving at the top of the hour at Pigeon Hill, fetching a well-deserved premium. I dropped by the new dining room and kitchen and it's surprisingly spacious for a shoe closet retail space. The dining room retains the casualness of a street pizza shop and evokes all the culinary mystique of its neighbor, Mia & Grace. Hoping to see the mobile oven serving up fresh pizza this summer at the Farmers Market. Or will Mia & Grace deliver to the market, saving the mobile pizza oven for catering engagements. Be sure of this: Jeremy Paquin and Jamie have a plan.

Will Juntunen

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