Friday, January 9, 2015

Wilbo Considers Going Headbanging at a Roadhouse Outside Muskegon, for a Good Cause.

The Rusty Spoke is the reincarnation of Cancun Connection on Hall Road near Sheridan. I talked with a crew member who lead the prodigious clean up effort and it's probably a blessing to public health that Cancun Connection closed. The new owners have a relationship with the Moorland Tavern, meaning there's an understanding of how to run a destination bar & restaurant for bikers. With Bike Time going up a quantum leap with a fairground out at Great Lakes Downs, it's a rising context for local, destination bars catering to motorcyclists. Too cold to visit tonight is my take; won't be too many Harleys in the lot. Sunday, I might feel differently. How amazing that the house has found basically three heavy metal tribute bands: AC/DC, Judas Priest & Iron Maiden. Sunday Funday, meet everything but Black Sabbath for a good cause.

The event information follows below:

Please join us on Sunday at Rusty Spoke for a celebration for Greg Johnson.

Event will start at 3pm and last until 10pm

$5.00 gets you in the door to remember an amazing local musician and also to enjoy 3 awesome bands.

Revelations - a tribute to Iron Maiden will take stage at 5:30pm

Let There be rock - an AC/DC tribute will take stage at 7pm

Vengeance rising - Judist Priest tribute will take stage at 8pm

All proceeds will go to the Johnson family


Photo is Judas Priest from the Wikipedia article on the band: 

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