Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wilbo is One Schill the Trinity Schill Kill Didn't Kill in Nashville.

Air B&B is rather cool. When staying in Nashville, I found a modestly priced, sunshine filled room in a classic bungalow in East Nash, where plenty of up & coming musicians live. A mild mannered couple named Sherein & Colin hosted, just a pair who liked to chill on the couch, watch movies & plan DIY projects. One morning, I noticed a sticker on the fridge: "The Trinity Schill Kill". I went, "Huh, that's rather gothic". Later that day, I was checking out a big white cargo van parked out front. If you want a head start in Nashville's music scene, buy a van. On the back doors, I noticed the gothic sticker again and so I looked more closely. The fellow with the glasses looked familiar ....but could it have been mild-mannered Colin, father to a household of three chill cats? After all, look closely. That's a wild, muy macho persona for the stage. Music can be transformative, but that transformative? Now what's nice about Air B&B is I can still text my host and ask, "Hey, Colin, is that YOU in the wide brimmed hat and the cold yet cool reflective sunglasses"? But why? Why unmask a musician playing his persona to the hilt?

Will Juntunen

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