Monday, February 2, 2015

Wilbo Contemplates a Rock & Roll Theory of Time at the Sand Bar, Sands Through the Hour Glass, Ludington, @PureMichigan

It's been a long time, it's been a long time, it's been a long time ..... since the band members were older than I. The lead singer can wail Janis Joplin style, none-the-less. The harmonica player can honk on that tinny handheld instrument, and that's enough to keep me around for a few songs. The drummer answers to the nickname of Animal and he's aptly named. His beard is all salt and pepper and hair up in a pony tail is salt and pepper. And he can make those drum sticks blur. They call themselves RedEye, after the early morning flights that call for Visine. These cats are card carrying members of the AARP unless I miss my guess. They're more the last flight out of Vegas, and I hope I can Rock this pure and steady when I'm collecting retirement checks. The music too loud and yet no one within earshot is too old because we're caught in a warp in the grey and white quilt of Rock & Roll tick tock time.

Will Juntunen

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