Sunday, April 19, 2015

No Trains Arrive at the Reed City @PureMichigan Depot; All the Passengers Arrive by Foot or Bicycle.

Reed City had a depot that expects no visit by train. This depot stands at intersection of two former rail tracks, now rails-to-trails. The White Pine extends from here south to Grand Rapids. The Pere Marquette connects Ludington to Midland. The building looks like an old fashioned depot and yet the brick is new. Most of the commemorative pavers give the year of 2008. There's a fire pit and a cord of split wood awaiting. Can I really just build a fire?

Just to make a note. I saw a flightless bird running across the road north from Big Rapids. I slowed and averted my wheels to keep from hitting it. I watched in my rear view mirror as quick legs allowed the bird to scramble backwards away from oncoming tires then make the western shoulder of the road. The moment recalled witnessing road runners crossing highways in the grasslands north of Dallas. The black bird, however, had the shape and size of a Robin.

— at Reed City Depot.

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