Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wilbo Has Lunch at a Flower Shop with an Incredible View of Lake Muskegon.

You can eat lunch at a flower shop, Wasserman's on the south bluff overlooking Lake Muskegon. The food choices are sourced from Mia & Grace or the Grand Finale, the work of three of our finest chefs based on Third Street in Downtown Muskegon. No word on the availability of salads making use of edible flowers, yet give it time. Salads with lettuce and tuna are on the menu. The patio could benefit from a bit more noise and sun protection. However, we have a winner here. Anticipating microbrews though.

Wasserman's could play it safe and sell plenty of greeting card shop merch. However, the decades old florist has reached out to area artisans for unique jewelry and cards.


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