Monday, August 24, 2015

Wilbo Buys a New Kayak, and He Breaks It In By Paddling for a Pint at the Lake House, Departing Fisherman's Landing in Good Spirits.

Today's adventure, I bought a kayak at Meijers and put in at Fisherman's Landing. They are deeply discounted as the summer season dwindles. I'm thinking ice kayaking, paddling between the ice floes, like the Inuit. Arriving at Terrace Point Marina, the dock master was stunned; no one had ever floated up to the marina in a kayak and asked to visit the Lake House. People on the outdoor decks watched my awkward disembarkment, taking informal bets on the likelihood of my taking a Nestea Plunge. However, it's a very stable kayak with almost a catamaran structure on the bottom. So it wasn't too hard if undignified to roll onto a dock and stand up erect. Then I strolled into the dining room and there's two friends happy to see me and share broiled scallops and beer. I think I'll be paddling for pints again soon.

We ate, laughed and posed for selfies, my striped button down quite fresh for the passage over the evening waters. I could easily have left my dinner table and walked to a law office at nearby Parameter O'Toole and picked up the thread of a legal brief, gazing at the moonlit waters of Lake Muskegon between paragraphs. It's hard to overestimate how grand and powerful the building of Parameter O'Toole appears when viewed from the water.

As I left the covered waters of Fisherman's Landing, paddling proved strenuous and I was persistent. As I rounded the point of Terrace Marina, occupied by a partially occupied glass office pyramid, the wind caught my back and I literally sailed by the yachts at their dockage, venturing forward as if by magic.
 — at Lake House Waterfront Grille.t

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