Monday, August 24, 2015

Wilbo Visits Rosy Mound Nature Trail and He Discovers Popular Author Melanie Hoo Posing for Pictures on the Forebeach of Lake Michigan.

This is the plan: "Do one act everyday that places a claim on summer". So I drove to Rosy Mound County Park and scaled the dune walk out to the Lake Michigan forebeach, berm and beach. This has been left to nature to sculpt. The beach is narrow this year and the waves carve into the dune's base, pulling away sand. As I hiked toward the beach, many sun lovers were packing out chairs and beach bags full of reads and empty beverage bottles. The woman who writes the "Flicker" young adult sci-fi series was walking back, talking about her writer's block, returning with a man with a camera-full of images. I had heard about the man she married a few years ago. She exhibited her books on May 16th on the Day of Gratitude observance, joining all the authors lined up by Steve LeBel and Written in the Mitten. She explained she was leaving a bit early to join her husband for a round of golf. I acknowledged her as I made my way down the hundred step staircase to the fore beach and gave encouragement. I mentioned seeing a young man leaving the Bookman in Grand Haven with all three of her books in his hand. His family had stopped in to pick up the books after the Coast Guard opening parade.

— at Rosy Mound Nature Trail.

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