Saturday, September 5, 2015

In Which Wilbo Misses the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival's Last Performance and Is Politely Asked to Leave Boscobel Park for Closing Time.

I am about to miss Chris Protas's closing reception at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids. Maybe a Blackhawk Heliocopter could bring me to the Federal Building Galleries in time. I have arrived at Boscobel House too late in hour and day. The grounds have closed for the evening, meaning no walk to the Hudson River Belvedere, or Beautiful View. A man walking the brick path to the vista was turned back by security. A beautiful view that is beautiful when no one is there to behold is still a beautiful view. A kind volunteer leaving the visitor center gave me a map showing the location of an orangerie, an herb garden, a rose garden and the house built by the Van Dyke family near 1800. I have studied the features as I sit on an antique bench, no one requesting my departure, a glimpse of the Hudson River brought to me by an sunny day passing to early evening. My car is the last car in the visitor lot.

I was astounded and ecstatic to learn this property hosts the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, that once ran through Labor Day weekend. The shortened season with fewer plays completed last night. "I am a day late, a tragedy of Shakesperean proportion!" I exclaimed. She laughed aloud in a pleasing way, the ice broken. 

The security man found me and asked, "Can I help you?" "I'm pressing post".
 — at Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.

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