Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sturgeon aside, Wilbo Agrees that Roscoe New York is Trout Town USA and Has a Good Chance at Beer City USA.

So we roll into Rosco, New York, looking for breakfast. Between the south branch of the Delaware River and the Catskills, Roscoe has been declared Trout Town USA. The Roscoe Brewing Company opened early today because racers are arriving in their parking lot to be bused five kilometers up a Catskills Mountain, the better to run a personal best time back to the brewing company. And slake a running thirst with the house's vibrant pours. See how it works like clockwork?

So I met the owner and his cousin Anthony, who served us plentiful samples in their five month old tap room. The trout is venerated here, and an aquarium raises brookies, rainbows and browns for return to the Delaware. I didn't have the heart to tell our impeccable guests that Kalkaska Michigan on the Boardman and Manistee rivers had also been dubbed "Trout Town, USA". So I ventured, "We're from Muskegon, home of the Muskegon River, quite the trout stream". The owner gave as good as he got. "What? Is it a competition"? Had to reply nicely, "Nah nah nah nah. We bowed out". That earned laughter and a back slap.

To have asked, "Yeah, but do you have sturgeon"? That would have been insufferably rude.

These were good community spirited men who made me welcome. Plus, I never counted so many fly tying & tackle shops in a downtown. So I told myself, "The sturgeon. Fuhgettaboutit".

— at Roscoe Beer Company.

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