Saturday, September 5, 2015

Summertime Market in Saugatuck Made Wilbo Remember the Summer When the Keewatin Departed Kalamazoo Lake.

Saugatuck is pretty fabulous in the summertime. Wine Bars. Art Galleries. And this, the Red Dock, is a little boardwalk peninsula that almost touches the spirit of Key West. The Steam Ship Keewatin is gone, off to Port McNicoll, Ontario, on the south end of the Georgian Bay. So this is like the Georgian Bay but it is not. So little is Key West or Georgian Bay. Saugatuck has a great center for the arts with unreal concerts on a Monday, big names and low dough. Douglas has a little coffee house where a writer can vanish for a few hours and enjoy the farm town nature of Douglas that still remains after years as a tourist town. And then there's Everyday People Cafe in Douglas with the Biergarten out back where great musicians play in the dimness after a late sunset. It's a great town and yet, makes me wish for other places consistently.
 — at Red Dock.

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