Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wilbo Crashes the Short Play Festival Hosted by the Community Theater Association of Michigan in Cadillac @PureMichigan

It seemed obvious that if Mary Beth Quillin & Amy McDaniel & Sue Bradford were presenting a play at the top of Cadillac's highest hill & I was at a beer fest at its bottom, I would climb the hill & pay my respects. And so I attempted, missing the show that performed this morning. A host from the Gratiot County Players kindly gave me a copy of the program to enjoy sitting at the bar at the Evergreen Resort, home of this year's convention of the Community Theater Association of Michigan. The festival is called Cadillac in Da Moonlight and the name fits. Tonight rises a full moon, a super moon, that will have profound influences upon tides and human relationships. Ironically, The Ledges saw its words performed on the highest point in the town of Cadillac. Although I say this without viewing a political or topographic map. There's NO way to access the eight plays without my buying a late registration, very late, non-member admission for 145 dollars & why would a convention sequester such cultural wealth where all the community theaters are joined. In another blog, I address the idea of art access and how often I've had to break & enter virtually to see a painting or experience a concert.

However, Tara Western of the Tawas Bay Players entered Curly's and requested, "May I have a glass of water & it's not for me". "That's the opening line of a play", I responded. Humor landed and she shared how beautifully Sue Bradford play unfolded. She counted the three plays that the Tawas Bay Players produced, more than any other community theater. She had bittersweet news too, sharing that the founder of her playhouse on the bay had passed this Friday, on a respirator and unable to attend and now clearly here in spirit.

Politely excusing herself, she made off with the glass of ice water, Deb Dubois awaiting it, her throat parched after her monologue in "Dated Material" by Pearl Ahnen of Ichabod's Little Theater in the Hollow.

Director and actress of Two Peas by Margie Smith of Grosse Pointe Theater have cordially invited me to crash the 3:00 PM performance.
 — at Evergreen Resort.

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