Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wilbo Praises the Theater Bar of Grand Haven, Michigan. Theater Bar. It's Where You Are.

Theater Bar. It's where you are. I see the Aldea Coffee man walking hand and hand with his girlfriend and he stops to talk. I'm more smiles than talk because I want him to keep walking with his lovely girlfriend. It's nice that the fellow who serves me coffee Saturday's feels a moment's chat is a good use of his time. I've enjoyed getting to know him one cup at a time. Todd is my bartender and when he served me my hard cider he confided in me, "My wife is due today". Oh, we shucked and jived. And I raised my glass high and wished in my happiest voice, "A blessing on your heads"! I guess that's nice as I remember it from Fiddler on the Roof. A mom and her friend and a stroller paused at the cafe fence, looked at me with panic. "Sir, do you know where there's a public restroom". And I knew the answer. "Just go in. Use the Theater Bar's". The owner raises money so that local kids can have painting classes. He's going to be okay helping a mom take care of her kids. She had been turned away by every open business for four blocks. When the much calmer mom led her tribe out of the bar, I pointed out the location of the building restroom in the old brick building that houses Odd Sides Ales. I also gave her good directions to the public restroom she had sought vainly.

I know this street.
 — at Theater Bar Grand Haven.

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